About Us

MINX originally started as a small vape cartridge company that would later become a brand focused on changing the way we use and view cannabis. In the summer of 2019, we began developing a small product line that would bring high-quality products to the cannabis market. Using a patented formulation, our original company featured THC sauce cartridges and disposables for the recreational California community. While researching how to make our sauce even more effective and potent we tested our formulation with a combination of THC and CBN. What we originally thought would simply enhance the effects of our indica strain ended up being one of the most powerful sleep aids we’ve ever seen. Later that year, we wound up winning the High Times award for “best product in its class” for our night-time vape cartridge. We were ecstatic that this tiny sauce cartridge was able to win one of the biggest awards in cannabis, but we also knew that this was a sign.

In the early months of 2020, we decided to rebrand ourselves and focus on products that served a greater purpose. We wanted to create a brand that best represented our products, our community, and ourselves. Thus, MINX was born. We listened to our friends, family, and outside communities to best understand what they were suffering from in order to create a product line that could help solve some of these issues. 

MINX creates products with a purpose. We believe that when you want to unwind, sleep, or heal it should be an experience. We’ve developed the best CBD based products on the market using a wide range of cannabinoids with a singular focus on quality. We painstakingly test our formulas to ensure we create the purist, highest-grade products.

Choose from a variety of products, flavors, styles, scents, and delivery methods to customize the way you treat yourself. Whether spending a night in or turning night into day, MINX centers you in the present moment to prepare you for what’s next.